Natural Gas

Prior to combustion, Renewable Natural Gas is a net negative form of energy, which is positive for the environment. Since RNG is indistinguishable from conventional natural gas and can be used without any modification to end-user equipment or gas transmission systems, the growth potential for RNG in North America is essentially equal to the total amount of natural gas demand.

Pine Creek RNG, LLC conducts ongoing research and development on the optimization of landfill gas to pipeline injection. We use the best of class gas collection and upgrading equipment for all our projects and employ controls, monitoring and automation for operations, optimization, and plant control.

We believe the combination to technology innovation, combined with the growing demand to reduce emissions, is driving the next generation of biogas upgrading equipment, with significantly lower levelized cost ($/MMBtu) of production. We have primarily selected landfill gas to pipeline injection projects because of the low and dropping cost of production.

Distributed Power

The Pine Creek group of companies operating in the distribute power field are dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of conventional and renewable energy technologies, including automated asset control systems, project simulation and design and project enhancement for existing assets.

As energy generation transitions from large centralized to smaller local distributed generation systems, we are addressing the growing global demand for decentralized, reliable, high-efficiency, low-carbon power using islanded and microgrid power systems to increase reliability and lower operating costs. Pine Creek has developed IntelligentRE™ to operate the various sites that it has under management. IntelligentRE™ is a supervisory system that monitors and controls power generation equipment in a grid or microgrid environment. IntelligentRE™ uses data supplied by the complete power system to make resource usage decisions, resulting in increased reliability, increased efficiency and lower overall operating costs for the power system.


Developed by Pine Creek Power Systems, LLC, the IntelligentRE™ system is a customized design for power grids and microgrids between 50 kW and 15 MW. The algorithms implemented by IntelligentRE™ are designed to minimize renewable power curtailment finding an optimal balance between energy storage, major grid assets and, where appropriate, grid-imported energy costs and grid-exported energy revenues. This “smart” system is responsible for optimally managing the grid assets and controllable loads and minimizes the need for operators to manage a power system grid or microgrid operation on a daily basis by automating energy flow decisions. A similar product to Pine Creek’s IntelligentRE™, Continuous Power’s cell tower monitoring and Site Asset Management (SAM) hardware system is configured to significantly reduces diesel fuel use at weak-grid and off-grid telecommunication sites, delivering considerable savings to carriers, and reducing risk through the management of power system hardware and software.