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Committed to the Transition to Clean Energy

The global move to low-carbon and renewable energy sources provides many opportunities for transitional solutions. Pine Creek Renewables creates value in three of these: producing Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), providing cleaner fuels for transportation, and engineering, building, and managing remote power networks.

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Natural Gas

Landfills and other sources of anaerobic decomposition produce large amounts of methane, a potent greenhouse gas. Pine Creek captures and processes the raw gas mixture, purifying the methane to be placed on a natural gas pipeline as a renewable energy source. Using a chain of custody tracking system called RNG Assurance, Pine Creek can guarantee the end energy user that they are using a renewable resource.

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Large over-the-road tractor-trailers, mine haul vehicles, and rail yard engines all use large amounts of diesel fuel. Pine Creek works with fleet managers to fuel vehicles with natural gas and Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), thereby switching to lower-cost, lower-carbon, clean-burning fuel. Eventually these transport vehicles will run on electric drivetrains, but as an immediate step Pine Creek can economically convert existing internal combustion fleets to run cleaner.

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Pine Creek provides ultra-reliable, network-managed lithium-ion battery and solar power to these remote sites, reducing costs, reducing downtime, and helping communities join the digital age for communication, information, health care and education. Pine Creek operates fully certified lead-acid battery recycling centers to protect the environment.

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