As of 2021, there are millions of heavy-duty vehicles burning over 3 billion gallons of diesel every month in the United States alone. Pine Creek accelerates the transition to low and zero emission and pollution by cost-effectively converting ultra-class mine vehicles and over-the-road vehicles from diesel to cleaner-burning Natural Gas (NG) and low-carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). To accomplish this, Pine Creek constructs, owns and operates RNG upgrading facilities at U.S. landfill sites and converts vehicles, manufactures conversion kits, engineers and builds fueling stations, and maintains fleets using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and RNG.

By capturing landfill methane before it enters the atmosphere or is combusted (flared), we support climate change mitigation. By using that same methane to reduce diesel consumption, we sharply reduce pollution, especially the most dangerously tiny particles of soot, “PM2.5”, that harm people and wildlife alike.

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Capturing and Producing

Virtual Pipeline

The practical challenges of using cleaner fuels include getting the fuel to the needed location efficiently. Pine Creek deploys cost-effective “virtual pipelines” of CNG and RNG to get our customers the fuels that save them money, lower their carbon footprint, and keep their operations running smoothly.